BK3 Training Limited

Fantastic experience at BK3 the training facilities are the best by far! 
Sean is 10/10 couldn’t of asked for a better experience!
110% would recommend BK3!
- Mark Snowden

I undertook the ibcl mk2 course with Sean at the paddock Wood network rail school. Great experience all week, I've since booked another 2 courses
Many thanks to Sanj and his team see you guys soon
- Wayne Taylor

I would like to recommend Sanj Bansal/BK3 to anyone and everyone looking to further their knowledge within the railway industry. I successful passed the IBCL course, a big shout out and a thank you to the one and only Sean Martin, for some reason I was calling him Dean Martin 🤣🤣 outstanding trainer and overall great guy.I will 100% be using BK3 for my up and coming courses.
Thanks Sanj, first class as always
Top man 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
- Mark Hunter

I would like to thank's bk3 for all the training they've given me. In October I done my smth course and last week I done my AC track course. Now I'm on my rcpl course I thank you all from the bottom of heart for training me to be competent. - Hopeton Sutton

Have used this company for well over 10 years, highly recommend them. - Adi Bradley

MK 3 points course highly recommended great facilities. - Simon Fox

SMTH/G110 recert completed today with a very good trainer in excellent facilities. As Arnie said “I’ll be back” - Tony McFarlane

A big thank you to BK3 for another course( IBCL MK2) delivered with utmost professionalism. great being in class and out working on the equipment with Sean Martin doing what he does best...picking on me..lol. can't help but appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience that Bk3 brings. #cantgowrongwiththebest.
#BK3 #exemplarytraining -
 Mochedda Dare Olu-Abiola

Always received excellent training and service from BK3, we have had experienced and new personnel on the courses and the feedback from those trained has been very good.. - Simon Henser (Rail Director - MPI Rail Limited)

I used BK3 for both my BS1 and 2 and my SMTH course, both courses were extremely professional and fun to do, the facilities were ideal and was as near to being "on track" as could be done. The trainers are friendly and helpful and highly knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate from recommending BK3 for all railway training courses as I have already many times in the past. - Pete Garside (Colas Rail)

I was very lucky to pick BK3 to do my mod 5 course, as I learnt more in a week than I would normally learn in a month with some of the other courses I've been on, BK3 were very friendly, helpful and professional throughout the course, and happy to go back over things you didn't quite understand first time. 5 star company. - John Harrison (Harrison signalling ltd)

I attended the bs1 & 2 and mod 5 courses at bk3 training. The courses are very well taught , the staff are kind and helpful which makes it a lot easier to got on with. I had never been involved with rail work before but they got me through it with patient teaching and I came a way with 3 certificates - Raymond Youles

I was very happy after my 3C course at BK3. I felt confident that I would be able to go out on track and carry out my duties - this may seem standard but it was a lot more than I got from other training companies I have used. I would, and have, recommended BK3 to colleagues without any hesitation. - Ceri Davies

The NEW facilities at BK3 are second to none. An open plan trackside enviroment with integrated points and signals. I always returned to BK3. Superb trainers and fantastic guidance on 3C, 3bL, ClampLock Points & SMTH. - D.Merritt

I did a basic signalling course at bk3 many years back, I found the course highly informative. The course itself was taught in the best way possible and was fun at the same time. I would recommend bk3 to all, thanks. - Keith Fry LUL (TFL) Point Fitter

I would like to say a big thank you to BK3 for providing excellent training, support and advice. I wanted to change careers and friends recommended BK3. It was the best decision I ever made. I was apprehensive not having a rail background but the trainers were very supportive and endured I understood the comprehensive content. Since completing my BS1, BS2, MOD 5 and ClampLock Points training BK3 helped me find a sponsor and I now work for RSS. Working weekends is building my experience which will eventually lead to a full time move to rail. My ultimate goal is now within my reach sooner than I could ever have hoped for. This has solely been aided by the invaluable advice and support of all the staff at BK3. If you are considering a rail training provider, stop looking!! you've found the best one. - Steven cannon RSS

I obtained my SWT Mod 4 at BK3. I found the teaching and knowledge of the instructors to be excellent as were the facilities. The course was delivered in the afternoon and this flexibility to be able to fit around my schedule was a major factor in choosing a training provider. - Tony Harvey

Having used bk3 for MOD 5 & 3C courses i would highly recommend them, Sanj is a good bloke & runs good courses, facilities are very good & you have a great base knowledge after completing these courses - Aaron Umney

BK3 training is an amazing place to do your rail training.. I done my BS1 and BS2 with them and was overwhelmed with the help and support from them,, not only in the classroom but on the telephone too outside of the course.. Very friendly people and 110% professional... Will use again- Dave Evans S&T Installer

I have done all my courses through bk3 including SMTH, MOD 5, Points Basic Signalling 1&2 and Diagram Reading all the courses were enjoyable and very indepth i have learnt so much cheers bk3 - Anonymous

BK3 did my 3BL course 7 years ago , the course and equipment were of high standard - Phil Rose

I have used BK3 for various signalling courses , SMTH, 3c 3bl, as any delegate will know attending training courses can be a daunting experience especially when you career and lively hood depends on it, i found with BK3 the first day you arrive you are relaxed and at ease, the level of customer service given is first rate, the tutors employed have vast experience on different infrastructures and metro systems it wasn't surprising when my company kept sending entry level employees to attend basic signalling courses, and Mod 5 courses, i would highly recommend BK3 to any individual or company for training, very professional organised company with excellent customer service that delivers high quality training at excellent prices.- Doug Punch (Transport For London)

I have trained with BK3 on numerous occasions and they have been with me every step of the way as I have grew. The training style is excellent as is the facilities. I would highly recommend using BK3 and look forward to returning in the future. - Liam Hullah (Colas Rail)

I found the 3c course very informative and helped me improve on my skill and ability on my daily work. Whilst at the same time you're made very welcome from all staff, it was an even balance of learning and a relaxed environment that will make me want to come back to do another course in the future - Stuart Meaney

I have had many course over the years with BK3 Training including SMTH recerts, axle counters & AC track circuits. I have always found Sanj and his team very helpful and professional in all aspects and would highly recommend BK3 to anyone for training in the railway industry. - Andy Woolliss (S&T Project Engineer Colas Rail)