BK3 Training Limited

Updated November 2020:

Expanding and the future:

Hi all, as many of you know with my recent posts I have been contemplating my next steps with BK3 and it’s future.
Recently I have questioning whether I have the desire to want to continue or whether i should allow my company to be tarnished with the same brush as others that are willing to cut corners to make a quick sale or think they are helping staff but offering a ‘quicker’ course, especially as I believe the journey has become more of ‘Fire fighting’ process than one of joy by training to the standard, seeing friends once again or making new ones. I sat down with my family, phoned my mentors and discussed it with friends just to find out if i was talking crap, like normal, or if my concerns were warranted….my wife told me the same thing i often tell others…’We have an obligation to the public to ensure they get from A to B safely, we take pride in the job that we do, we ensure the staff doing the job are safe enough, with the knowledge we give them, to be able to go home to their loved ones at the end of each shift’.
Regardless of what others do I will not let it take me away from what i set out to do almost 19 years ago…..I said I would offer the best of I what I could and I honestly do believe that, to date, I have done so, if I haven’t, I apologise…..So this brings me to today, so many people have travelled to us from all parts of the country and have shown us the loyalty and commitment to learn, something I am extremely proud of and on this day I am still the proud owner and MD of BK3 Training Limited, whether I will be in the future: God only knows, but I am today and the vision I set out all those years ago is something I still thrive to achieve so I am excited to say that, after much thought, I have decided that I will expanding BK3 Training Limited.
We will be looking at opening Training Centre’ in both the South and North of England, to be able to offer our clients the same service we have done, with pride, to date ….will it take time?…..Yes, absolutely!!!, no doubt and I have no illusions about the enormous task I am about to undertake and I will need the help of a lot of good people….but I am ready for this next step!.
The updates will come as and when I have them, in the meantime God bless you all and keep safe.

Updated April 2020:

COVID-19 Update:

Given the current situation with COVID-19 I would just like reassure everyone that we are currently still conducting our scheduled courses; we understand some people may be reluctant to attend and may feel the need to cancel their places to be safe. We completely understand and respect your decision and will can officially inform you that, with new information coming out our Government on a daily basis, should you feel the need to discuss the next course of action we would be more than happy to inform you of the steps we are taking to ensure our training school is safe and cleaned regularly, however if you still feel the need to cancel we will happily do so at no cost and will reschedule you onto our next available course. We are here to work with you, to make you feel safe and your health and safety is paramount.
On a final note, please stay safe and, some may not agree, self isolate if you have any symptoms relating to COVID-19.
Kindest regards
Sanj Bansal
Managing Director

Updated March 2020:

We have just arrived from a successful trip to the Middle East, where we were invited to the UK Embassy and, as far as we are aware, were the only UK represented Signalling Training Company in attendance and also attended the Middle East Rail Show: Our return we were invited to the Mechanical Engineers Luncheon at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, by SPX,  where we got to mingle with many other Rail companies looking to help improve the Rail Industry, for me the highlight was the speech given by Mark Wild, CEO of the Crossrail Project.

Updated January 2018:

IBCL MK3 Update: As we have been approved by the system owner, SPX, as the only official training company able to conduct Installation, SMT, Fault finding, Maintenance and SWT on the IBCL MK3's we can confirm that we will be conducting the training from March 2018 onwards. If you are interested please click here: Contact Us

Updated September 2017:

Update: Sanj, our Managing Director, is due back in Hong Kong in September to discuss further courses and to collect the prototype for the 'Alpha-Pad', a toy we have been working on that helps children with their educational needs.

Updated September 2017:

Good new....from mid-October we, at BK3, should be able to conduct 2 Day EBI400 Track Circuits Courses, all attending delegates must have previously completed an EBI200 Digital TI21 Track Circuits Course.

Updated July 2017:

For all your AzLM Axle Counter Course requirements, please note that only THALES will conduct the official H and K-Type Courses, this can be found on our Course list page and all courses can be booked via BK3 or direct with THALES. No other training companies are approved to conduct these courses direct.

Updated July 2017:

Great new for all at BK3, after the successful training conducted in Hong Kong, we have be invited to return to conducted further courses for our client which we hope to begin in September this year.

Updated May 2017:

Exciting news for all at BK3, we have been officially approved by SPX to conduct Training for Installation and Maintenance for the Wide-to-Gauge (WTG) Clamp-lock Points System and recently represented SPX in assisting in a job at Liverpool Lime street, we are the only officially approved Training Company in the United Kingdom able to conduct this training.

Updated March 2017:

Excellent news regarding the IBCL MK3 Courses we are approved to conduct on behalf of SPX. Week Commencing 13th March 2017, we will be conducting 2 x IBCL MK2 Conversion Courses and 2 MK3 Awareness / Overviews for Network Staff at their Darlington Depot so they are ready for Installation at Thirsk.

Updated June 2016:

We are very excited to announce that SPX and ourselves have joined together in a collaboration. SPX have chosen us to write the Course Notes, Manuals and Lesson Plans for the MK2 to MK3 Conversion and Initial Courses for their ClampLock and In-Bearer ClampLock Points Systems. We will also be the only Company 'Officially approved by SPX' to conduct Training for the Conversion and Initial Courses for the MK3 ClampLock and IBCL Systems. Like our Managing Director said...'Exciting times...'Type your paragraph here.