Updated December 2016:

  • We at BK3 would like to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas, If you are working over the festive period please keep your wits about you and be safe...Loads of Love from the BK3 Team

Updated July 2017:

  • For all your AzLM Axle Counter Course requirements, please note that only THALES will conduct the official H and K-Type Courses, this can be found on our Course list page and all courses can be booked via BK3 or direct with THALES. No other training companies are approved to conduct these courses direct.

Updated September 2017:

  • Update: Sanj, our Managing Director, is due back in Hong Kong in September to discuss further courses and to collect the prototype for the 'Alpha-Pad', a toy we have been working on that helps children with their educational needs.

Signalling Training

Updated May 2017:

  • Exciting news for all at BK3, we have been officially approved by SPX to conduct Training for Installation and Maintenance for the Wide-to-Gauge (WTG) Clamp-lock Points System and recently represented SPX in assisting in a job at Liverpool Lime street, we are the only officially approved Training Company in the United Kingdom able to conduct this training.

Updated June 2016

  • We are very excited to announce that SPX and ourselves have joined together in a collaboration. SPX have chosen us to write the Course Notes, Manuals and Lesson Plans for the MK2 to MK3 Conversion and Initial Courses for their ClampLock and In-Bearer ClampLock Points Systems. We will also be the only Company 'Officially approved by SPX' to conduct Training for the Conversion and Initial Courses for the MK3 ClampLock and IBCL Systems. Like our Managing Director said...'Exciting times...'

Updated May 2016:

  • Sanj, our Managing Director, has just returned from a very successful business trip to the Middle East where he met with influential people within the Rail Industry.

Updated April 2016:

  • We have added three Solid State Interlocking Location Cases to our Training School and should have them installed in the near future.

Updated January 2018:

  • IBCL MK3 Update: As we have been approved by the system owner, SPX, as the only official training company able to conduct Installation, SMT, Fault finding, Maintenance and SWT on the IBCL MK3's we can confirm that we will be conducting the training from March 2018 onwards. If you are interested please click here: Contact Us

Updated March 2016:

  • We are currently working on the second phase of the Signal Works Testing Courses of the Transport for London Contract we successfully tendered for in 2014, so far 13 of the 26 courses agreed upon have been completed with a further 6 scheduled for the remainder of 2016.

Updated September 2016:

  • As we've been having problems with British Telecom we request all Training enquiries be made via the following option: email: bk3training@me.com, 'Contact Us' on this website OR call Sanj on either 07813292876 or 07775538585. Sorry for the inconvenience

Updated July 2017:

  • Great new for all at BK3, after the successful training conducted in Hong Kong, we have be invited to return to conducted further courses for our client which we hope to begin in September this year.

Updated March 2017:

  • Excellent news regarding the IBCL MK3 Courses we are approved to conduct on behalf of SPX. Week Commencing 13th March 2017, we will be conducting 2 x IBCL MK2 Conversion Courses and 2 MK3 Awareness / Overviews for Network Staff at their Darlington Depot so they are ready for Installation at Thirsk.

Updated September 2017:

  • Good new....from mid-October we, at BK3, should be able to conduct 2 Day EBI400 Track Circuits Courses, all attending delegates must have previously completed an EBI200 Digital TI21 Track Circuits Course.