BK3 Training Limited

Current Program

Some Courses we Conduct

Our Courses range from Basic Signalling to Points Courses to Maintenance Courses to New Works Testing and Track Circuits

Our Trainers have a combined 100 years of knowledge and only conduct training on equipment they  have been trained on themselves and have previously worked in throughout their careers, Our team have trained in many parts of the world and bring years if experience and knowledge to all the courses we conduct.

COVID-19 Update:
We are taking continuing to take all precautions whilst conducting our courses during these time:

  • All trainers are expected to take their own temperatures and report them to our office on a daily basis, via email or text.
  • All delegates will also have their temperature taken, both when they arrive and when they leave our premises, the results of which will be filed under their training files.
  • Our training school is cleaned in the morning and immediately at the end of any training day, which include all door handles, tables, chairs, tools, training equipment and toilet facilities.
  • Frequently clean surfaces and items that are touched regularly , kettles, refrigerates, cups spoons and microwaves are cleaned using standard cleaning products.
  • All our trainers and delegates are expected to wear gloves or use hand gels (Sanitisers) - (we do provide both).
  • All delegates will be seated on singular desks, seated between 1-2 meters apart.
  • Any delegate is welcome to wear a face mask, although this can cause issues for our trainers when trying to relay information across to the delegates, therefore our trainers may not wear them.
  • All staff will be required to wash their hands, before entering our training area every time they leave the area and re-enter. (As per Government Guidelines)
  • Any staff, trainer or delegate, that feels ill will be withdrawn from the course and expected to self isolate for a minimum of 10 days. We endeavour to bring in other trainers  to continue courses whenever possible.
  • Every precaution is taken when staff are working on equipment and we endeavour to ensure only 2 people are working on the same equipment at any one time.
  • Where the social distancing measures (2 metres) cannot be applied or Face to Face working is essential to carry out task when working within 2 metres:
  • Minimise the frequency and time workers are within 2 metres of each other 
  • Minimise the number of workers involved in these tasks 
  • Delegates should work side by side, or facing away from each other, rather than face to face 
  • Regularly clean common touchpoints, doors, buttons, handles, vehicle cabs, tools, equipment etc. 
  • Delegates should wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before and after using any equipment
  • Keep this to 15 minutes or less where possible
  • Delegates should attempt to wear Face masks whenever possible.
  • All assessments are on a 1-1 basis and are 2 meters apart.
  • Only one course is conducted at any given time on our premises, any second course conducted on our premises will be conducted as per our COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Our school has notices informing staff of washing hands and keeping 2 meters apart as per Government guidelines and self-isolating.
  • Increased ventilation in enclosed spaces whenever possible or the use of De-Humidifiers.

Our Team

Why Us?

In truth we're not your only option, but let others tell you why many feel we are the best option:

Helping you progress from Classroom to : It’s important to know what you are being taught. Our trainers have extensive knowledge of all course we conduct and we will never conduct any courses they have not attended themselves, We find it vitally important that the courses are conducted to the highest quality, we always follow NWR Standards and we promise to never compromise on what you aim to take away from courses conducted by us.

BK3 - SPX Partnership

As many people know BK3 are the only Independent Training Company officially approved by SPX to conduct any type of training on their new In-Bearer ClampLock MK3 System: We have, thus far, conducted various IBCL MK3 Courses for many of our clients including Network Rail with staff ranging from as far up as Scotland. Our Course is approved by both Network Rail and SPX and is updated in accordance with both procedures. Our Trainer has attended various site visits to oversee, with NWR, the Installation of the IBCL MK3 at sites across our great country.

  • Basic Signalling 1/2 Combined
  • Diagram Reading
  • Signal Works Testing MOD 5, 3C, 3bL, 4 
  • Signal Maintenance Testing Initial, Recert and Retraining
  • IBCL MK2 and IBCL MK3 Installation, SMT and SWT
  • Track Circuits, EBI200, EBI400, FS2600, AC and DC
  • Courses